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Planet mars(mangal) plays a very important role in match making.If mars is deposited in houses 1st,4th,7th,8th or 12th house in a native horoscope (kundli), the native is called manglik. And at the time of matching both the native (boy and girl) should be manglik,otherwise it is called manglik dosha.But the most important thing is we should check the exact position of mars (mangal) according to astronomical position in a birth chart.

Suppose If a native has mangal in his 7th house, and in astronomical position of birth chart, this mars ( mangal) is shifted in the 6th house, then the native is no more a manglik and the matching of the kundlis will go wrong.

So we should check the exact position of mars(mangal),and also check the exact position of all the planets according to the astronomical position of planets in the birth chart to get accurate reading.